The Good Life

How to Live a Fruitful, Meaningful Life

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When I’m living my way, the fruit is sin and death and destruction. When I’m living God’s way, the fruit is good and life-giving, both to me and to those around me. When I’m living under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, I’m loving, joy-filled, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled. And now, more than ever, the world around us is looking for this kind of people.

Choose Better Attitudes

4 Attitudes You Can Choose Today

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Adopting healthy attitudes is a daily discipline that requires our enjoying time with God in prayer, yielding to others, and cultivating thoughts of gratitude for God’s grace.

Spiritual Confidence

How to Live with Spiritual Confidence

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The pathway to spiritual confidence and a right standing before the God of all the universe is through faith in Him and His work on our behalf.