Would You Like to Invite Me as a Speaker?

Brandon A Cox

I enjoy traveling, but not quite as much as being at home with my family. And I enjoy speaking at conferences and events, but not quite as much as preaching to my own congregation on Sundays. So yes, I do sometimes accept invitations to speak at conferences and events, but because of my home and church schedules, I must weigh each opportunity carefully.

I’ve consulted with staff and leaders from churches of all sizes and have spoken in conferences and events related to pastoral leadership, church planting, and church communications. You can see plenty of samples of my speaking style on the messages page of Grace Hills Church’s website. I often speak on the topics of:

  • Church planting – developing a strategy, a launch team, a budget, core values, and raising up leaders.
  • Discipleship – how the local church, as a community, can make disciples.
  • Communications – why a church’s brand matters, how to use social media to spread the gospel.
  • Pastoral health and leadership – burnout, depression, and recovery among church leaders.

If you feel I’d be a good fit for your event, please feel free to reach out via email with some details, such as:

  • Name and scope of the event.
  • Time and location of the event.
  • Your expectations of me as a speaker.
  • Would you be paying my travel expenses?

Email me at bc@bcox.me.

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