How Using Today’s Technology Can Bring You Back to Deeper Relationships, Real Conversations, and Powerful Ways to Share God’s Love


If God’s desire to enlarge His family matters…
If people who are lost forever without the gospel matter…
If the church of the future matters…
We must learn to embrace the changes that are happening in our world.

There is no going back. Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate. We are connected with people all over the planet through technology that didn’t even exist ten years ago. This book challenges readers to push the boundaries of how they communicate the gospel—to not just join the worldwide conversation but to lead it. This shift we are seeing toward a more mobile, social environment isn’t so radical after all, but is a return to the form we were created for—to be in relationships, to have conversations, and to interact with each other.

Brandon CoxAbout the Author

Brandon Cox became a pastor at age nineteen and has served in that role in small churches, as well at Saddleback Church, one of America’s largest and most influential churches. He’s now planting Grace Hills Church in northwest Arkansas. Brandon also serves as editor, mentor, and community facilitator for and Rick Warren’s Pastor’s Toolbox, one of the world’s largest online communities of church leaders. He’s an avid, top 100 blogger (according to Kent Shaffer’s semiannual list) and lives in Bentonville, Arkansas with his wife, Angie, and their three awesome kids.

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Foreword by Rick Warren

Rick WarrenSocial Media is the next big communication wave. I know this to be true because Saddleback is currently experiencing exponential growth as a result of our determination to stay in front of and use every technology and innovation at our disposal to reach people for Jesus.

A decade and a half ago, I wrote a book called The Purpose Driven Church and I addressed the topic of “surfing spiritual waves.” We don’t create the waves, God sends them. We merely catch them and wise leaders are not only on the lookout for the next big wave, they are also ready to catch that wave.

The social media revolution is definitely a tsunami wave that must be caught. Any leader who wishes to have an increased influence for the sake of the gospel in our present world must understand the vital role that social media plays in our surrounding culture. And any leader who fails to increase their effectiveness in this area is already on the backside of an important tool in our modern global environment.

In Rewired, Brandon Cox not only motivates leaders to embrace the social media wave, but to harness it for its greatest power of all – the power to spread the gospel further and faster than ever before. When Brandon served as one of our Pastors at Saddleback, he taught our staff to lead innovatively using these key principles and how to apply new social technologies to effectively expand our ministry outreach. Now, as he plants a Saddleback daughter church in northwest Arkansas, he’s seeing tremendous results from these principles as they are put into action.

As a leader, you can only influence those that you can reach. If you’re truly serious about making an impact for the Kingdom with the gospel message, take a listen to what this young church leader has to say and join the wave to reach everyone for Jesus!

Pastor Rick Warren
Founding Pastor, Saddleback Church
P.E.A.C.E. Plan


Ron EdmondsonBrandon Cox inspires me with everything he does. Brandon is an avid learner and an observer of life. His varied church experience and his vast online exposure, give him unique insight into the way we should communicate to a changing culture, with an unchanging message.
– Ron Edmondson


Derwin GrayMy friend Brandon Cox is the Yoda of communicating the Gospel through technology in the 21St Century context. Rewired will equip you to leverage technology in a way that connects unchurched people to grace of Jesus. Let this spiritual Jedi teach you his skills! This staff of Transformation Church will be reading Rewired. This book is just that important.
– Derwin L. Gray
Lead Pastor of Transformation Church
Author of Limitless: Breaking Free From The Labels That Hold You Back

Geoff SurrattThere are very few people as qualified at Brandon Cox to write on the topic of communicating the Gospel in our rapidly changing world. Working together at Saddleback I was impressed not only with Brandon’s grasp of the world of social networking, but also his heart for seeing lives transformed by the Gospel through all possible means. The intersection of Brandon’s leadership at and his boots on the ground experience planting Grace Hills church make Brandon the perfect guide through this rapidly changing landscape.
– Geoff Surratt
Pastor of Church Planting at Southeast Christian in Parker, Colorado
Author of The Multi-site Church Revolution

Charles LeeThe speed of change in social technology and culture can become quite overwhelming for most. In Rewired, Brandon Cox offers a practical, forward-thinking perspective on navigating this change while staying focused on the things that matter to faith.
– Charles Lee
CEO of Ideation
Author of Good Idea. Now What?

Shawn LovejoyNo one knows better how to integrate the gospel with technology than Brandon Cox. Rewired has invaluable insight that is a must read for every ministry leader!
– Shawn Lovejoy
Founding Pastor of Mountain Lake Church
Author of The Measure of Our Success: An Impassioned Plea to Pastors

Drew DyckNo one gets the connection between the gospel and new technology quite like Brandon Cox. He’s a pioneer in social media and a pastor to whom literally thousands of other pastors turn to for training. I’ll be recommending Rewired to every Christian leader I know.
– Drew Dyck
Managing Editor of Leadership Journal
Author of Generation Ex-Christian

Michael CheshireIn a world dominated by social media experts and web strategists one can begin to feel overwhelmed by how complex things have gotten. Brandon Cox however, brings simple and practical teaching on how to be effective in reaching people with the tools of our age. As Yoda is to the force so Brandon is to social media. When he talks I listen, when he writes I read it. Ignoring this book is a step away from reaching people in this brave new world.
– Michael Cheshire
Founding Pastor of The Journey Church in Conifer, CO
Author of How to Knock Over a 7-Eleven and Other Ministry Training and Why We Eat Our Own

John BishopI love church planting, and men who are willing to put it all on the line so ONLY GOD shows up. Brandon and his wife Angie are one of the most encouraging church planting stories I know of. Simply they ‘get it’ and it is less about a plan and more about their God. They get what it means to love their city and make Jesus famous. I think why Brandon is able to have such clarity about what to do next is because he understands clearly what never changes and what has to. When we planted Living Hope, I wish this book had of been available. Get it for your team, your church and step out to risk every thing to reach every one. It is time!
– John Bishop
Senior Pastor of Living Hope Church in Vancouver, WA
Author of God Distorted

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