One-on-One Coaching for Pastors and Christian Leaders

One-on-One Coaching to Help Christian Leaders Move from Burnout to Breakthrough, Experience Personal Renewal, and Catch a Fresh Vision for Leading a Healthy, Growing Organization

A world, a church, a company, or a family in crisis all demand the same solution – healthy, visionary leadership!

But leadership is messy.

Christian leaders are burning out at an alarming rate. In January of 2021, 29% of pastors had considered quitting. By March of 2022, that number had risen to 42%.

And things aren’t getting any easier.

I’ve been there. I’ve been leading in churches and organizations ranging in size from a few to tens of thousands. 

Now, I coach and encourage leaders, especially those who are experiencing leadership burnout.

I’ve experienced what it’s like to go from a vital sense of calling and purpose to a feeling of frustration and isolation. And you don’t have to stay there!

And you certainly don’t have to walk through it alone.

Brandon Cox

Leadership is Messy!


Our culture is enduring rapid change and, instead of celebrating the diversity of humanity, we’re surrounded by voices seeking to instill fear.


With all of the devices, apps, and technology we have to stay connected, we tend to feel more disconnected and disjointed than ever.


The people, institutions, and systems we once counted on to guide us often fail us, leaving us to wonder what we can be certain of in life.


Sometimes a break or a change is healthy, but we’re burning out and giving up on life, faith, and relationships at an alarming rate.

Meanwhile, We’re Under Immense Pressure

We face pressure from the culture to offer a message that inspires everyone and offends no one, while existing under a microscope of skepticism.

We face pressure from ourselves to perform at our highest level at all times, and we are usually our own worst critics and our own biggest obstacles.

We face pressure from other leaders, intentional or otherwise, to keep biggering and bettering according to unfair standards and comparisons.

Why is it that, even after the height of the pandemic, social unrest, and a contentious presidential election in 2020, Christian leaders are faring worse on a personal and professional level, not better?

I believe the reason so many leaders feel weary and burned out has to do with challenges coming from two directions.

#1: The world around us is changing rapidly. As a society, we are more polarized, more disconnected, more consumeristic, and more driven by workaholism than ever before.


#2: Leaders lack the wholeness and confidence necessary to navigate the turbulent waters of leading in this present cultural moment.

And here’s the thing. You cannot control the external, cultural realities affecting you. So the solution to feeling weary and burned out is not found in making other people behave differently.

The answers are… within you. The Spirit of God, who dwells within you, has all the solutions you need. And he uses his word, other people, and your personal experiences to equip you for the desperately needed work of effective leadership!

And Too Often, We Face the Pressure All Alone

I believe that every pastor and ministry leader needs models to follow, mentors from whom to learn, and friends on whom to lean. But we, who build the church as a community for the lost and hurting, are often the ones who wind up needing healthy community the most!

Most of those whose ministry we model are outside of our immediate relational circles. In fact, many of them are in heaven, having completed their own leadership courses. It’s hard to find individuals to whom we can be fully vulnerable and transparent, especially among those who serve under our leadership and spiritual care.

Therefore, We Need Coaches, Too

As a personal leadership coach, I come alongside leaders to provide wisdom, counsel, and guidance in a safe, confidential atmosphere governed by grace and guarded by compassion.

In coaching, my role is to draw out of you the wisdom and knowledge you already possess by asking powerful questions and suggesting helpful next steps, then offering gentle accountability to help you make progress.

Who Is This Program For?

Pastors, Priests, and Clergy who need a refreshed vision for leading the church.

Corporate directors, managers, and team leaders who want to go deeper to go further.

Solopreneurs who are ready to get unstuck and take their business to the next level.

Church planters who want to get off the plateau and create fresh momentum.

Nonprofit leaders hoping to inspire an organization and its constituents.

What Leadership Coaching Isn’t

Personal coaching isn’t therapy.

I believe strongly in the power of effective therapy and, if you see a therapist, it is very important that you communicate with them about our coaching relationship so that our work together in no way hinders the progress you are making in therapy.

Personal coaching isn’t training.

Books, courses, and programs galore exist to help leaders know how to lead and grow the church. We’ve never been as well-resourced as we are now in all of the nuts and bolts and techniques that help us plan, strategize, and build effective ministries.

In all of my years of ministry leadership, the seasons in which I was being coached have been the richest and most growth-oriented seasons of all. I’m not sure how we would have planted a church without good coaching. Every major decision, crisis, and moment of near panic was processed in the company of an experienced leader who could listen and guide without offering shortcuts or personal judgments.

I would love the opportunity to have a conversation with you about your story, where you see yourself currently, and what is holding you back from achieving your biggest goals and leading at your highest level.

What Leadership Coaching IS

My approach to leadership coaching is designed to help you…

  • Remember why you fell in love with leadership, recover your vision, and experience a fresh start with renewed energy and passion.
  • Assess your real “soul health,” unwire the lies that hold you back, and unlock the answers that lie deep within you to your biggest challenges.
  • Reconnect with your identity, recognize your giftedness, and clarify how you were wired to lead and expand your influence.
  • Equip you with a deep understanding of how your experiences have shaped you and how to let your pain work for you and not against you.
  • Develop and practice your own set of spiritual disciplines to create the capacity for God’s Spirit to work powerfully in your life.
  • Build strong relationships at home, at work, among peers, and in your community so you have the support system you need.
  • Transfer your strengths and confidence to those you lead so your whole team (church, company, department, etc.) gets the win!
  • Leave a legacy of both faithfulness and fruitfulness that impacts everyone downstream from your leadership.


What Is the Investment?

The cost of coaching is $225
per three 60-minute sessions.

I prefer this “package” approach because it takes multiple sessions to see measurable progress. Single sessions can also be purchased for $85 when needed.

When you’ve purchased a package of sessions, you can then schedule them on my calendar when convenient for you – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. Additionally, I’m always available by text, email, and occasional random phone calls, too.

Sometimes cancellations and postponements happen and we’ll make adjustments along the way accordingly. While there is a “coaching agreement” between us, there is no ongoing obligation to continue using or paying for my coaching services.


A Half Hour Clarity Call Won’t Cost You Anything..

But You WILL Walk Away with Some Valuable Insights!

I’m a big believer that chemistry matters greatly to any working relationship, so there is no cost involved in our first meeting. I’ll share several “next steps” by the end of our call and you can decide if the call was valuable, and if you want to continue our coaching relationship.

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