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Are We All Being Tested? Yes, Actually

God “tests” your faith with a view toward growing your faith. He leads you to the limit, allowing various circumstances in your life that require your faith to grow so that, on the other side of the testing, you’re stronger than ever. 

Video: God Comforts His People

Isaiah 49:13 says, “Shout for joy, you heavens; rejoice, you earth; burst into song, you mountains! For the Lord comforts his people and will have compassion on his afflicted ones.” (NIV)

You Shall Not Fear

God has promised that all of our pain and suffering will matter forever. He will use it all for your good! See, God has redeemed you, and there is a sense in which he has redeemed everything that happens to you as well. What Satan means for evil, God promises to use for your growth. What might have destroyed you without the covering of God’s grace and protection can never destroy you now because God has promised to use it. 

God Fiercely Protects His People

Regardless of whether our biggest problems in any given moment are spiritual or physical, internal or external, God himself offers us shelter and protection under his wings, like a mother bird rescuing her children from the traps of the hunter. 

What Do You Have to Say About God?

You are not blessed and protected and favored because of who you are or what you have done. You are blessed and protected and favored because of who God is and what God does for you. So say it out loud, The Almighty, Most High, Savior and all-powerful Creator is my refuge and strength! 

The Safest Secret Hideout in the World

There is a safe, secret hideout waiting for you in the very presence of the Most High, the Almighty, the Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. And what is especially beautiful is that all are freely invited to come in – not just the rich or the religious – all who are broken and afraid are freely welcomed.

God is Always Bigger Than Your Problems

While it’s possible that he allows your problems to continue for a season as a source of growth in your life, it’s also true that he has already made an end of all pain and suffering by the death, burial, and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ. 

When You Can’t Carry It All

Jesus says, when you’re trying to carry it all and you hit that wall where you realize you just can’t do it anymore, even at the very end of your rope, come to him. 

Never Stop Going Deeper

God wants to take you deeper today. Deeper into the reality of his goodness. Deeper into the recesses of your own heart where real, lasting healing needs to occur. Deeper into the solid soil of scriptural truth about who you are, how the world works, and God’s plan to redeem all things for his glory forever. 

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