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The Good News of the Kingdom of God

Here is good news for your life – you don’t have to live under a cloud of suffering or the darkness of sin or the tyranny of addiction because the Kingdom of God is near. In fact, Jesus said it is within you. 

Fear God, and Fear Nothing Else

When you are awestruck by his power, his grace, and his goodness, there’s absolutely nothing on earth that can threaten you. Every scary what if starts to fade in size and scope when God is fully enthroned in your heart. 

You were Created to Get Creative

God wired us to be expressive. He designed us to employ our talents and abilities to show off his glory, sometimes with art and sometimes with engineering and innovation.

Giving the Gift of a Blessing

To bless someone is more than a mere wave and a smile. It’s an intimate exchange in which we act as God’s priests to others, conveying His desire and will for their peace and joy to be found in a relationship with Himself.

How to Walk in the Light

If you want to be clean, to be close to God, to be blessed by God, it’s a matter of doing two things consistently in your life. Hear God. Obey God.