2021: The Year of GOOD News?

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2021 will be a year of good news. Does that mean we’ll see positive news headlines in the media? Probably not. But the word “gospel” literally means “good news,” and it never gets old.


King Jesus Came With a Clear and Unapologetic Agenda

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The agenda of King Jesus is crystal clear. It has been spoken. It has been written. It has been decided what Jesus would and did come to accomplish, and there is no reversing this divinely authoritative decree. 

A Golden Era

God Put You Here for This Generation

The problems the world faces today and the missional doors opened before us today are the result of the careful coordination of the God who wants to empower you to serve now.


Thoughts from One Depressed Pastor to Many, Many Others

When you’re hurting and sad and you don’t even know exactly why you’re so sad, but someone, instead of offering solutions or guilt trips or “snap out of it” advice just comes along and validates what you’re feeling, it’s powerful. In other words, it’s just hard.

Jesus' Church

The Church is Messy, Isn’t It?

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I can’t give up on the church because, as messy as she is, she’s His idea. Jesus died for her, was raised for her, and commissioned her to be light in the darkness and love to the lost until he comes back to fix it all.