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The Greatest Commandment of All

You can love people when they’re mean. When they’re at odds with you. When their lifestyle or their background is different that yours. It’s going to take courage, commitment, and compassion, all of which you’ll have to cultivate in some very hard moments. 

Remember: Hurt People Hurt People

People in pain tend to speak and act out of their pain. That doesn’t make it easy to endure, but it does help us to have more internal peace knowing that when people lash out at you, it isn’t always about you. It’s often about them and their pain. 

We’re All In This Together

You’re going to see complete strangers do and say things in the next few days that make little or no sense to you at all. Decide, before assessing the spiritual condition of their heart, to get to know something about them.

Be a Peacemaker, not a Peacekeeper

The pathway to joy-filled living is doing the hard thing of sharing both truth and grace in a restorative manner. It’s speaking up, but without being condescending or argumentative. It’s taking a stand, but a stand alongside people rather than over them. 

Jesus Died for the Difficult People

If difficult people are making you miserable, there is a pathway to blessing and to fullness of joy, but it’s not an easy pathway. It’s the pathway of peacemaking. 

God Keeps His People Forever

God himself does the keeping of his children. He guards his own. He never stops. He never gives up. He’s a tenacious Warrior and he’s already won.

This Is How We Know What Love Is

Prove your love with loving deeds. Love someone who is hard to love. Love someone through a difficult season. Love them when you don’t have words for their pain. Love them when they can’t love themselves.

It Takes Time to Realize Your God-Given Destiny

When it comes to your relationship with God, don’t hold back. But when it comes to how you engage the world, wait on the prompting and the power of God. And when you have your assignment, go out with passion!