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I’m Called and I Know My Purpose… Now What?

I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm saved and secure. I'm on my way to heaven someday. But I still live here and I know that my purpose is to glorify Jesus Christ in all of the life that I have left. But how? A common plight Christians suffer is this...

How to Turn Thanksgiving Into a Lifestyle

I love Thanksgiving. I like the time with family and friends. I like the meals (although I think steak would make me feel more thankful than turkey). And I like really like that we take a moment to articulate our gratitude. As I reflect on God's blessings on my life...

7 Spiritual Challenges for Imperfect Leaders

Recently, I had a phone call with a young leader convinced he was no longer qualified to lead because he'd messed up in a way that pretty much every man on the planet has messed up repeatedly. This morning, I received an email from a Pastor wanting to know if he was...

Achieving the Elusive Goal of Earning Passive Income Online

Most people who earn income, earn it actively. That is, they trade their time and energy, both of which come in limited quantities, for money. Even most of the self-employed entrepreneurs I know are still performing services that cap their income per hour. The goal...