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Overflowing with Love for God

Our love for God motivates our obedience to his command and to his voice. It draws us into an ever-deepening relationship with him. And it helps us to recognize his love.

God Loves You with a Love-in-Action

If you’ve ever come to grips with your own spiritual lostness, you can rest assured God has acted on your behalf. Jesus came for you. He didn’t just feel badly for you – he stepped in as your Rescuer and Redeemer!

God Loves You with His Emotions

God knows you. He knows your name, your sin, your story, your past, and all of your pain. And he wants to save you, to redeem you, to adopt you as his very own child. He wants to set you free from bondage, fill you with his Spirit, and bless your life beyond your wildest imagination.

Your Pain Always Has a Point

The truth is, you’ll never become all that God has in mind for you to become unless you walk through fire. Do you want God’s very best blessings poured out into your life badly enough to walk through the fire?