Why You're Not Qualified for the Position… Yet

PositionIf they’d just make me a manager, I’d make this company better.

If I could just find a staff position, I could really serve people.

If I just had a church of my own to pastor.

I used to think that way. When I went to college, I wanted nothing more than to serve as the Pastor of a church. It took a while for it to happen, so in the meantime, I looked up a local nursing home and started walking eight blocks weekly to lead a bunch of really sweet, old people in a Bible study.

A little church finally called me as their Pastor and within a few months I was beginning to realize just how ill-equipped I was for the position. It nearly ended my ministry career. I think I should have served people a little longer without a position.

Here’s the point. Stop seeking a position. Start serving people.

If you were to build the company and inspire others with extra encouragement right where you are, or volunteer to take on a project and grow it, or pastor and shepherd a circle of people without a paycheck, you’d essentially make it very clear that you’re the right person for the position.

Leadership IS serving others. So with or without a position, start serving others today and helping them to move forward. Your dream position will likely be the result of having earned it ahead of time.

The question isn’t what would you love to do if you were given the position? It’s what are you already doing even before you’re in the position?

Photo by Alberto Lugli via Unsplash.