You Are Not Who I Think You Are, and Neither Am I

There are two things that will test a person’s character more than anything else: criticism and praise. Here’s the thing you probably don’t know about me. I’m pretty good at being pretty good when things are pretty good. But when the pressure is up, I sometimes fall apart. Ever happen to you?

I listened to a message the other day by Kerry Shook about fasting. In the message Kerry talked about how in a fast, our heads hurt and our attitudes are bad. We’re grumpy. He made the point that going through self-discipline does this to us and it can be a good thing. When our sinfulness rises to the surface and is exposed, we can deal with it.

Fasting or not, that point resonated with me. When we are criticized, when we’re under pressure, when we’re suffering temptation, our sinfulness rises to the top and the individual that most people think we are seems to falter and fade away.

Here’s my heart – character matters most in the tests. I’ve failed a lot of tests. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever pass one.

I need to change. I need to be more like the person you might think I am. You might need to do the same… I just don’t know.