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The Goal of the Christian Faith

It isn’t about being right in all the fine points of our theology. It’s about discovering a relationship with God. And Jesus, as God, is the Way through which Christians come to experience God in a moment-by-moment relationship.

Walking Humbly While Waiting for Your Moment

Humility isn’t denying your value, worth, or ability. Humility is serving the highest possible good for yourself and others while holding onto a realistic picture of who you really are. You’re capable of more than you think you are.

You Are UP to the Task Whether You Feel Like It or Not

Deep in the heart of every leader I've ever met lurks a daunting question that casts a shadow over every major challenge we ever face: Am I up to this? When I went to take the test for my driver's license... When I enrolled in college... When I bought the ring to...

White Supremacy is a Fatal Disease

White supremacy has infected every area of society and culture and as more people become willing to discover it, root it out, and replace it with real equality, the more we will enable the true flourishing of the whole human family.

How to Avoid Hitting People When You Feel Angry

Slow down your body! To put it simply, when you feel insulted, attacked, or offended, your body speeds up. It’s like pressing on the gas pedal to escape a pursuer. And the faster your mind works, the harder it is to control.

14 Tips for Reducing Your Fear Over Finances

Your real wealth and value as a human being never comes from what you do, no matter how successful you are. And it doesn’t come from what you have, either. It comes from within. From deep in the soul where you and God alone commune about your identity.

How to Cultivate Authenticity In Your Leadership Culture

Be real with people, or be prepared to lose them. It's hard. As Pastor Rick Warren wrote once, we all fight against three particular fears: the fear that we will be exposed for who we truly are the fear that we will be rejected the fear that we will be hurt again. We...

The One Thing I Miss Most About Being a Pastor

The common thread I noticed over and over was that so few people believed they were loved and valued. In those moments, it was my privilege to look people in the eyes and tell them that God made them for a purpose, that he loved them unconditionally, that their worth and value are infinite, and that there is always hope.

I Don’t Know Yet, But I Can Tell You What I Think

We’re all finite. We have limits. I would never assert that nothing can be truly known. Some things are sure and steady. But my understanding and interpretation of everything around me — the world, God, other people — is always limited by my finite way of seeing things.

Letting Go of Your Biggest Limitations

When we talk about being “strapped,” we’re normally talking about our financial expenses and debts being larger than our income and our assets. But are there other ways we get stuck, burdened, and stressed out? Of course!

Blogging for the Leadership Influence Of It

Starting a blog could possibly make you famous. Or it might not. It doesn't really matter. Fame isn't the point. And, after all, how many people to you know who are famous simply because they started blogging? Okay, there are a few, but still... The point isn't fame....

$870 Billion in Credit Card Debt

Fight the cultural norm of instant gratification and choose the long term reward of financial peace and living an unstrapped life over the short term reward of an over-priced meal.

The Positive Side of Leading Under Pressure

As I write this, we're three days from our church's big Grand Opening at our new location. Our church is seven years old. We've met in an office, a hotel, a college campus, two movie theaters, and for the last three years, a leased location. Almost a year ago, we...

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