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5 Real Dangers of Using Social Media in the Wrong Ways

Social networking is fun, useful, and can even be profitable if you’re into that. Brands and businesses are catching on to the direction media and promotion is moving, so we’re really just scratching the surface of what is to come in forging online connections between people. But some stern warnings are needed for all who are venturing into the world of social networking. I thought I’d share them — as kind of a warning label for you who are getting your feet wet as well.

20 Signs You’re Suffering from Leadership Burnout

If you’re a leader walking into or through a season of burnout, you must address the pain and tend to the wounds, and you will almost always need help doing so. It’s hard to be, as the late Henri Nouwen termed it, a wounded healer.

4 American Cultural Issues Contributing to Church Leader Burnout

In our modern era, particularly in America (and perhaps the West as a whole), leaders are burning out at an increasing and alarming rate. There are many factors leading to this trend, but at the forefront are certain cultural issues that have affected the way we do church and church leadership. There are four issues, in particular, that have invaded our thinking in toxic ways.

4 Attitudes You Can Choose Today

We don’t choose our circumstances. We don’t choose the weather, the direction of the economy, what people around us will do, or the direction of world events. But we do get to choose our attitudes.

When Church Growth Is the Drug of Choice

I know, as a Pastor who has trudged through the valley of burnout, that church growth can be a powerful drug for a church leader. The temporary “high” of a well-attended event, a high-attendance Sunday, an influx of new members or baptisms, etc. can have a numbing effect that keeps us distracted from the brokenness deep within us that needs to be addressed.

3 Things You’ll Never Control As a Preacher

You and I don’t have to make things happen. We should certainly work hard to become faithful leaders and shepherds, but the enormously impossible task of generating real spiritual change is left in the hands of the very capable Holy Spirit, for whom anything is possible.

May We Never Forget That We Are Never Invincible

May we never forget the generosity shown by those who donated their time, their money, and their blood to the cause of recovery. May we never forget our collective, universal need for forgiveness, grace, mercy, and peace – all gifts freely offered by the One whose love is readily available to us all.

Podcast Episode #005: Experiencing Continual Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening can be more than a moment; it can be a lifestyle. And it can be more than a personal, individual experience with God in mystical terms. Spiritual awakening can be a process whereby, over time, we leave behind the old life, the old us, and the old nature and put on the life of Christ instead.

You Choose What You Focus On

You only have a limited amount of mental energy and focus. Spend it on the things that make you more like Jesus, healthier in your relationships, and closer to God.

Escape the Rat Race

The rat race describes the constant rush of the culture around us. Everybody’s trying to get somewhere, even when we’re not sure where we’re eventually headed, and you can follow one of several routes to compete.

Leaning Into Your Inner Community

God is always present with you, and in the holy space in your soul where you experience his presence, you also get to be touched by a larger inner community. Never take that for granted.

Why Do We Get Lost?

Being lost, at least in this sense, isn’t the problem. The problem is our unwillingness to admit we need a bit of direction now and then and we don’t have all the answers within ourselves.

What to Do with Those Big Family Messes

There isn’t a simple formula for fixing all the big family messes. Rather, there is the encouragement that we can alter the trajectory of our own lives, and the lives of those under our care, to make the future better than the past.

Choosing Joy Over Cynicism

You can be cynical and, even after reading this, roll your eyes at the possibility that joy can be chosen by expressing gratitude, appreciation, and hopefulness. Or you can give it a shot and see the difference between the cynical you and the joyful you.

Surfing the Waves of Grief

I’m convinced that grief comes in waves. Whatever losses we absorb in life, grief is the reality that follows. And yes, grief comes in stages, but the stages repeat.

Leaping Into the Arms That Are Mighty to Save

I can testify that, in the absence of absolute certainty, my very best days are the days on which I choose to take that leap. To trust. To believe that God is there, ready to catch me again, ready to hold me safe.

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