Who Will Be Our Worship Leader at Grace Hills Church?

Worship Leader

Worship LeaderThe position has been filled.

We aren’t hiring a Worship Leader. We’re offering an opportunity to a pioneer. I recently wrote a story about why you might NOT want to join our new church. In that same vein, let me tell you why you might NOT want to be on staff at Grace Hills Church.

  • We don’t have a salary for you. Yet. We’ll try to help you as you raise it, but we don’t have the budget for multiple full-time salaries. I’m raising the financial support for my own salary, in fact.
  • We don’t have an office for you. And the office that doesn’t exist doesn’t have a private restroom or leather couch.
  • We don’t have a band or singers for you. You’ll have to assemble a team from scratch, which is why we need a leader even more than we need a musician.
  • We don’t have a global platform. There are no guarantees you’ll be the next Chris Tomlin launching from Grace Hills. It could happen… but we’re not going to count on it just yet.
  • We have high expectations. You’d have to work. Hard. You’d have to sign a Staff Covenant, live out our Staff Commandments, attend things, serve, tithe, and really love people.

What we are praying for is a leader that has a tight chemistry with our leadership team, a passion for Jesus Christ, a theology of worship thoroughly rooted in Scripture, an adventurous and entrepreneurial bent, and a determination to multiply the Kingdom by always training other worship leaders and helping to foster a church planting movement. Study us to know if we’re a fit for how God has wired you.

Yes, we need a chief musician, in spite of my mad kazoo playing skills. But we’re more concerned that you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and that you’ll lead others to do the same. We’re also concerned that you can handle things being “fast, fluid, and flexible.” You need to be able to turn on a dime, understand trends and culture, and think beyond Sunday morning as you define the “church.”

If you’re still reading, and God is beating on your heart, email me and we’ll start the conversation.


Graphic by Sam Jessup.