Why? The Question We All Ask

Photo via Rick Warren on  Instagram.

Photo via Rick Warren on Instagram.

Our hearts break for the families who have lost loved ones in Newtown, Connecticut. There is no possible way to explain the actions of a mentally disturbed young man who would walk into a school and murder 26 people, including 20 children.

I cannot imagine the pain and suffering of the parents, relatives, and friends. Last night, when I put my kids to bed, I kissed both of their foreheads a second or two longer than usual and prayed for God’s protection over them with a little more emotion than usual.

Angie and I, like most others who have observed news updates with a sense of grief and horror, have made observations and have recognized some truths along the way.

  • God didn’t do this. God didn’t want this. God loves kids and promises to severely punish those who hurt them.
  • God allows evil because God is a God of love, who gives humanity its freedom, even at the risk of people abusing that freedom and choosing to do evil.
  • Humanity is sick. Our biggest problem isn’t guns, or a lack of guns. It’s sin, the extreme effects of which are seen in a rash of public, random acts of violence committed by people who are mentally ill, sin-sickened, and obsessed by darkness.
  • Jesus is the answer. He is the Savior, Redeemer, Forgiver, Healer, and Answer to our lostness and our brokenness.
  • Jesus will reign, and there will be peace, and eternity will be completely good and totally devoid of evil.
  • Anyone may come to Jesus and trust in Him for the hope of an eternity without suffering and without sin, and it is in Jesus alone that this hope is to be found.

Wherever you are right now, pray for those so deeply wounded, turn to Jesus, and hold dear those precious gifts from God called children.