Why Bible Gateway Is My Favorite Bible App

Bible Gateway iPhone App

I feel almost as if I’m being unfaithful to YouVersion because I love the mission and mindset of the guys behind it. It’s an incredibly powerful, community-centric Bible tool, but I have to lean toward Bible Gateway being my favorite at the moment. Here’s why:

Parallel Columns

I don’t know of many Bible software tools, even desktop tools, that accomplish parallel columns as well as Bible Gateway. When I want to see a verse in multiple versions next to each other, Bible Gateway lets me keep adding columns on the fly.

Bible Gateway Parallel Columns

A Sweet Mobile App

The interface on my iphone and ipad is incredible. The aesthetics are awesome enough, but I can also still get up to three columns for comparing versions of a passage.

Bible Gateway Ipad App

Also, with the app, I can take notes, store favorites, mark highlights, pursue a Bible reading plan, and hear the Bible in audio. I should note that all of this is doable in YouVersion and a few other apps as well, but Bible Gateway’s app just feels right.

Commentaries At My Fingertips

I also like that Bible Gateway includes a library of commentaries. Some of them are the old standby’s – the public domain, popular works of Matthew Henry and others. But they also include the IVP New Testament Commentary.

There are a lot of good choices. In fact, I have about ten different Bible apps on my iphone alone, but for the moment, I’m loving Bible Gateway‘s app slightly more than the rest.