When People Are Lost… On Your Church Website


404 errors. Web developers hate it when a website visitor finds a “page not found” error on a website. It’s a bug. There’s a broken link somewhere. Or maybe the visitor made a bad guess at a particular URL. Either way, they’re now lost.

Grace Hills’ website, along with 16% of the internet, runs on WordPress, which has a customizable template for the “404. Page not found.” error. So we customized ours like so…


In case you can’t read it in the image, it says…


We’re afraid that whatever you were looking for isn’t here. Try using the navigation above or the links below.

We understand what it feels like to be lost, and we believe that God has been on a search and rescue mission for you throughout your entire life, and He hopes you’re willing to be found.

If you are spiritually lost and looking for home, check out our First Steps page.

Visitors who click that link are taken to our page that explains God’s purposes for our lives, our lostness, and the gospel of Jesus who died for them. It’s a simple thing, and a simple way to use the website’s dead ends to head people back in the right direction.