What in the world is a safelist? A safelist is a mailing list where all members have opted in and agreed to receive mail from each other.

And here’s the biggest thing you need to know about them… they’re mostly junk.

The 1% of safelist users who either own the list or dominate the list tend to love them. And they tend to sell them as the best way to get started in internet marketing.

My biggest complaint about safelists is that, rather than passing along truly valuable content and information, they’re essentially an endless loop of regurgitated links to the same scams and schemes.

I use safelists (I’ll explain why and how in a second), but I’ve set them up on a Gmail filter so that they are marked as read and archived into a folder where I can browse them all in one place to see if there is anything of value. The problem is, browsing that folder looks almost the same as browsing through my spam folder.

So here are my two stern warning about safelists:

  • It’s very easy to waste time with safelists, clicking, clicking, and clicking some more to earn credits to be able to send emails to others. Your time could be spent on way better things than clicking.
  • It’s very easy to waste money with safelists, paying to upgrade so you can get credits faster and send emails to more people.

To build a successful blog or online business, you should spend time and money on knowledge, tools, resources, and coaching, but not on junk.

Having said that, I do believe there is a place for safelists in your marketing efforts. You just have to be disciplined to spend only a few minutes messing around with them.

Here are my best three tips for using safelists in your marketing efforts…

First, sign up for a few of them – no more than ten.

Second, if you are going to spend money to upgrade and get credits, pick only one safelist to do this with (my personal recommendation is Mailsy) and keep your budget very minimal.

Third, when you send a message within your safelist, always, always have it lead back to a squeeze page or landing page so that people opt into your list.

With those tips in mind, here’s a list of 13 safelists you might start with. Note that not all of the owners would refer to their services as safelists, but they all operate on a very similar basis.

If you really want to learn the basics of building an email list, check out the free training Kyle offers over at Wealthy Affiliate – Email Marketing: Getting Started Guide. Sign up for a free account, learn all you can, and see just how much else there is to learn on this amazing platform!

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