What Does Discipleship Look Like?

The following video reflects my collection of thoughts from our early Tuesday morning men’s Bible study. I scribbled notes as our men exchanged ideas, Scriptures, and encouragement.

My apologies for all the scratching noise – was my paper rubbing against the mic – won’t let it happen again.

Here’s the Youtube link to What Does Discipleship Look Like?

For those of you who don’t like video, here are a few of my scribblings in random order…

  • being at the feet of Jesus, listening.
  • having a commitment to our beliefs, loving God first.
  • a willingness to be shaped like iron on the anvil.
  • paying the price / cost to be like Him.
  • offering our lives as a living sacrifice.
  • denying ourselves – not just our wants, but our very selves.
  • growing in knowledge of Jesus.
  • growing in Christlikeness.
  • giving up and forsaking all else.

We also discussed the fact that discipleship doesn’t just happen as a result of doing certain duties or habits, but also as we endure adversity and suffering. Thoughts?