I’ve had big questions about life, love, God, the universe, the purpose of our existence, etc.

Well-intentioned people have tried to warn me that my questions were a threat and to stick to the scripted, simple answers.

Rather than feeling helped, I felt shamed.

Other people have encouraged me to welcome these questions and to remain curious about the mysteries of life, God, and the universe while also continuing to practice my faith.

Some of these friends have restored my hope and renewed my desire to keep on seeking, knocking, and asking.

Dictators and demagogues demand unquestioning allegiance, and Jesus doesn’t fall into those categories. Jesus draws us to himself through our curiosity.

If you’ve wrestled with big questions, you’re not bad. You’re not a threat to the Christian faith or the local church.

You’re human. And like many who have gone before you (some of whom penned inspired scripture), your willingness to keep grasping for faith and hope in the absence of clarity, certainty, and simplicity is a testament to your courage.

Keep being curious. Without questions, growth is simply impossible.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash.