Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Hosting for Bloggers Rocks!

Hacked. Again.

It happened at least twenty times in a two month span of time. And while my hosting company was as helpful as they could be, I found myself frustrated that it was happening at all.

Every time it happened, multiple sites went down. I’d have to go in via ftp and clean up files, change passwords to the control panel, the WordPress backend, and to my database users.

It was my fault, of course. Even though I’d set everything up per the hosting company’s directions, there was a better way that it could have been done, but I didn’t know. And I didn’t know because, to tell customers the better way up front might seem intimidating from a technical standpoint and might scare away customers.

I finally switched from one large, well-known, reputable hosting company to another. This one happens to be recommended by all kinds of industry leaders. My experience wasn’t as smooth as I’d hoped.

When I encountered a problem, I wanted to submit a support ticket. The problem is, the support ticketing system had been scrapped in favor of live chat support, which sounds good, except that it isn’t really “live” in the way you’d hope.

I was on hold for forty minutes and when the support tech finally answered, he immediately asked for my patience since he was chatting with quite a few customers at the same time and would have to sort of rotate his helpfulness among us. When he was finally able to take a look at my problem, he was baffled and referred my chat to a different tech… so I held on longer.

Before you assume I’m a newb with no business messing with servers, know that I’ve designed and hosted websites for over a decade. I’ve worked with about a dozen different hosting companies and I’ve managed some shared, VPS, and dedicated servers.

I’ve been around. And the hosting industry thrives on selling cheap shared hosting, riddled with problems, then nudging customers to upgrade in order to fix those problems. I was a VPS customer in my story, so I was paying more, but the service still didn’t measure up.

And then, I found Wealthy Affiliate.

What the heck is that?

Well, it’s not a hosting company, exactly. Rather, Wealthy Affiliate is an online learning community for bloggers and marketers. They have a sweet training program that teaches the art of affiliate marketing and blogging amidst a thriving and active community of enthusiastic bloggers and business owners.

And they happen to provide web hosting, too, so that members of the community can plan, launch, and grow their sites within the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting is entirely driven by WordPress, but using it is easier than the oft-promised “one-click install” feature of most shared hosting plans.

How good can the hosting possibly be? Well, here’s a quick comparison between the hosting Wealthy Affiliate provides and the features offered by leading competitors:

WA Hosting Comparison Table

So, in a word, it’s… better.

Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting is way better than any shared plan, and it’s quite a bit better than any VPS plan. Dedicated hosting might be required for some really large sites, but a dedicated server still doesn’t get you cloud-level redundancy.

And there’s more.

Since Wealthy Affiliate hosting is created by bloggers and marketers for bloggers and marketers, they’ve built a few special features in. You can get site feedback from other users. You can request people to visit and comment on a post.

Here’s a screenshot of the page where you set up a new site (and other than being able to scroll through more than a thousand themes, this is IT)…

WA Site Builder

So, one screen. Pick the url. Pick the name. Pick the theme. Log in and start blogging!

And once you start blogging, the Site Manager feature is pretty cool. I’m hosting 14 sites with Wealthy Affiliate – some of them brand new. Here’s a screenshot showing just two of them in my Site Manager panel…

WA Hosting Site Manager

With the WA Hosting Site Manager, you get a clear snapshot of where you are with each site you manage.

Want to install an SSL on the site? That takes one click, too, and it’s free.

And here’s the real kicker. I’ve had two technical difficulties on my end. I submitted a ticket to the support crew and, within fifteen minutes, had the issues fixed.

And then there’s the bonus…

On top of the hosting, you get an education in blogging, SEO, website management, online entrepreneurship, list building, and more. Here’s an overview of the core curriculum of Wealthy Affiliate:

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Each course contains video and text content, a specific checklist of next steps, and active discussion happening at the bottom of the page.

Whether you’re looking to move your existing sites to greener pastures (as I did) or start your a whole new WordPress-powered website from scratch, definitely consider Wealthy Affiliate as a viable and, perhaps, superior option for hosting!

What’s the cost?

You can sign up with a yourname.siterubix.com website for free just to kick the tires, but when you want to go with your own domain, Wealthy Affiliate is just $49 per month.

And, if you sign up through my link (yes, I’m an affiliate), you’ll be connected to me directly in the Wealthy Affiliate community and I’ll gladly walk you through any issues you might have.

So, if you haven’t already, go try it out!

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