What’s Holding You Back? Unresolved Pain

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God Heals and Binds Up

At one of the earliest jobs I worked, I pressed a button on the front of a fireproof file cabinet containing some important files that I needed access to several times per day. The only problem was, there was no key. I found myself in the office of the company’s president who was rummaging through drawers looking for a possible match. There were none, so we called in a locksmith and had a replacement made.

Thankfully Mr. Moore didn’t fire me. He was good natured and teased me about it as long as I worked there.

I believe that a great tragedy exists in the church today. Far too many believers have tremendous potential to advance the hope of the gospel, but they’re locked up like that old file cabinet. And what locked them up? A moment of pain.

Someone spoke a lie over their character, or abused them in a way that diminished their perceived worth or value, or hurt them in a way that seems irreparable.

I experienced several such moments growing up and in my early adult years, and I’ve yet to meet another believer who hasn’t. Pain doesn’t ruin you. It doesn’t stop you from being effective for the kingdom. Unless it goes unresolved. The Bible says…

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

~ Psalm 147:3 NIV

God knows your pain. He wants to heal you from the inside out by the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. He wants to unlock your full potential as a Spirit-filled believer, but he won’t intrude into your heart – into that deep, secret place – without invitation.

In prayer, invite God into the depths of your hurt and allow him to speak his truth over you about your worth, your path, you future. Soak up scripture and allow him to solidify in your heart and your mind his deep, deep love for you.

And when God has healed your wounds, you’ll be unstoppable!