A Totally Unexpected Christmas Sermon Series

Dec 3, 2014 | Preaching

I’m quite excited that after much studying, praying, agonizing, and wrestling, I finally caught a vision for a fresh series of messages for the three weeks leading up to Christmas this year. I’d share the graphics but I don’t own the original and I can’t find a link to the original graphics.

UnExcpected Christmas Sermon Series

The promo copy…

I didn’t ask for THIS! I didn’t see THAT coming! What in the world am I going to do NOW?

God had been telling the world to expect a Savior for hundreds of years, but when an angel told a virgin it was time, it was shocking news that changed the world. Been there? When you’re coasting along and suddenly your whole world gets flipped upside down? The Christmas story teaches us how to expect God’s best when the unexpected happens in life.

Mary: When the Big Opportunity Comes Along (Dec. 7)

You feel like the last person God should choose for this, but in His overwhelming grace, He picks you! What do you do? You praise Him and prepare for His blessing.

Joseph: When the Bomb Drops In Your Life (Dec. 14)

Everything was rocking along just fine until you discover the scandalous secret that could wreck all your plans. What do you do? You obey God’s voice, trusting that He knows what He’s doing.

The Shepherds: When You’re Invited to the Party (Dec 21)

You’ve felt insignificant and unnoticed pretty much your whole life. But God has had His eye on you the whole time. Now He’s invited you to the party, and into His forever family. What do you do? You accept!

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