Our Collective ‘Dark Night of the Soul’

Are we living through a collective ‘dark night of the soul?’ Is this a season in which we, as the human family in the current cultural climate, are profoundly lonely and abundantly anxious? Read the Full...

4 Attitudes You Can Choose Today

We don’t choose our circumstances. We don’t choose the weather, the direction of the economy, what people around us will do, or the direction of world events. But we do get to choose our attitudes. Read the Full...

To Reach Your Big Goals, Do the Little Daily Things

When you’re developing and living out the right habits, your goals become almost irrelevant, especially when you realize that who you are becoming is way more important than what you are accomplishing anyway. If you want to become who you’re supposed to become… do the...

May We Never Forget That We Are Never Invincible

May we never forget the generosity shown by those who donated their time, their money, and their blood to the cause of recovery. May we never forget our collective, universal need for forgiveness, grace, mercy, and peace – all gifts freely offered by the One whose...

You Choose What You Focus On

You only have a limited amount of mental energy and focus. Spend it on the things that make you more like Jesus, healthier in your relationships, and closer to God. Read the Full Post  

God’s Nonviolent Plan of Salvation

Confused? Have questions? Good. Embracing the mystery surrounding God’s ways is a far better course to follow than being absolutely certain and yet still wrong. Read the Full Post

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