A Life of Freedom is About Way More Than Money

Real freedom is when you’re able to spend your time on that which is meaningful. That includes self-care, family time, volunteering, worshipping, and working in a way that makes a contribution to the larger human community. Read the Full...

14 Tips for Reducing Your Fear Over Finances

Your real wealth and value as a human being never comes from what you do, no matter how successful you are. And it doesn’t come from what you have, either. It comes from within. From deep in the soul where you and God alone commune about your identity. Read the Full...

Letting Go of Your Biggest Limitations

When we talk about being “strapped,” we’re normally talking about our financial expenses and debts being larger than our income and our assets. But are there other ways we get stuck, burdened, and stressed out? Of course! Read the Full...

$870 Billion in Credit Card Debt

Fight the cultural norm of instant gratification and choose the long term reward of financial peace and living an unstrapped life over the short term reward of an over-priced meal. Read the Full Post

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