3 Things You’ll Never Control As a Preacher

You and I don’t have to make things happen. We should certainly work hard to become faithful leaders and shepherds, but the enormously impossible task of generating real spiritual change is left in the hands of the very capable Holy Spirit, for whom anything is...

3 “Voices” of Pastoral Leadership

The world needs your voice. When God has placed a word inside you, you simply must let it out. It has to be offered to the intended hearer so that it can be fruitful. It boils down to a willingness to preach in tones that are pastoral, practical, and prophetic. You’ll...

This is No Time to Preach in Neutral

God has called you to be part of the solution – to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God who will always have your back as long as you’re speaking faithfully to his truth and in his voice of love and compassion. Read the Full...

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