The One Thing I Miss Most About Being a Pastor

The common thread I noticed over and over was that so few people believed they were loved and valued. In those moments, it was my privilege to look people in the eyes and tell them that God made them for a purpose, that he loved them unconditionally, that their worth...

I Don’t Know Yet, But I Can Tell You What I Think

We’re all finite. We have limits. I would never assert that nothing can be truly known. Some things are sure and steady. But my understanding and interpretation of everything around me — the world, God, other people — is always limited by my finite way of seeing...

5 Real Dangers of Using Social Media in the Wrong Ways

Social networking is fun, useful, and can even be profitable if you’re into that. Brands and businesses are catching on to the direction media and promotion is moving, so we’re really just scratching the surface of what is to come in forging online connections between...

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