2021: The Year of GOOD News?

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2021 will be a year of good news. Does that mean we’ll see positive news headlines in the media? Probably not. But the word “gospel” literally means “good news,” and it never gets old.

A Golden Era

God Put You Here for This Generation

The problems the world faces today and the missional doors opened before us today are the result of the careful coordination of the God who wants to empower you to serve now.

Jesus' Church

The Church is Messy, Isn’t It?

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I can’t give up on the church because, as messy as she is, she’s His idea. Jesus died for her, was raised for her, and commissioned her to be light in the darkness and love to the lost until he comes back to fix it all.

I Want to Be the Pastor on the Bridge

The death of George Floyd migh very well mark a tipping point into a new civil rights movement that shouts that “black lives matter.” The movement of the 60’s and 70’s showed us all how wrong overt white supremacy is. This new movement will expose the evil of systemic racism and injustice.

Speaking Up for the Oppressed

Our generation needs to completely eradicate racism. And one of the ways we do that is developing a language of equality and equity. To speak boldly on behalf of the oppressed. To speak the good news that is for the vulnerable. To speak and to boldly show up.

Jesus Art

Yes, Jesus IS the Answer

It’s because of my relationship with Jesus Christ that I can look at any person in the world – black, white, brown, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, gay, straight, left, right, conservative, liberal – and see in them the very imprint of the image of God himself, their Creator.