7 Elements of an Effective Blog Design

Blogs are as diverse in design as they are in content. Well-designed blogs are rare, though. Some are minimalist while others are quite noisy. Some are bright and colorful while others are black text on a mostly white background. These, to me, are mostly secondary...

6 Tips for Writing Blog Posts That Get Read

The world is full of great leaders with great ideas who will remain somewhat unknown because they just don’t know how to package their ideas for market. Since this is the age of blogging in which everyone is in the publishing business, it’s imperative for anyone who...
4 Ways You Can Use Social Media for Good

4 Ways You Can Use Social Media for Good

I just wrote an article for one of the best websites on the net for small group ministry, SmallGroups.com. Here’s the intro: No one can deny the popularity of social networking. It’s everywhere. It’s the cloud we breathe all the time without even...
Building a Church Website? Think Local.

Building a Church Website? Think Local.

When you’re building a church website, there are few principles more important than this one: think local. Most designers tend to build sites around organizational names or general keywords, but when you’re building a website for a church trying to reach a...

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