This Mess Called Marriage

SchützenfestAre you happily married? If you’re smart (and you’ve been married more than two years), you’ll realize that’s a question that depends on how things are going in the moment. Am I happily married? I am today – not sure about tomorrow. But I am securely and joyfully married.

So many marriages are hanging by a spider web today because people are so stinkin’ fickle. Our commitment-level depends on our contentment-level, which depends on our sense of happiness, which is never satisfied. Circumstances change. People change. Love evolves and relationships endure different seasons. Many people get scared stiff by the unknown and sometimes begin to bail, first internally, then literally and finally.

But marriage was meant to be tough. I’m going to be blogging a little more about marriage over the next week or two because it happens to be something I’m studying quite a bit right now in my ministry for the purpose of counseling and teaching. I want to speak to both husbands and wives, and those who will be husbands and wives some day.

I want you to understand that my marriage isn’t perfect. Angie and I have been married for twelve years now and we’ve had at least three or four disagreements in that amount of time… but I feel as content and peaceful about my marriage than ever before. I want to share why and how. I’m going to write out some nuts and bolts of how to make it work in some upcoming posts, but first I want to leave you with this thought…

Your marriage can be awesome! It can sizzle. You can adore one another. You can make it to the finish line together. You two can last. Man, you CAN love your wife. Woman, you CAN respect your husband. Just don’t give up. Stay tuned…

Creative Commons License photo credit: Sweet-Things