This is the Age of Many Hats

pssst - keep this under your hatI was just reading an interview with a blogger named Rose who mentioned wearing “many hats.” In her case, “wife, mother, respite worker, proud shih-tzu owner, blogger, published poet, freelance writer, as well as the owner and administrator of and” This got me to thinking about my own life and yours too. In fact, it got me thinking about how the wearing of “many hats” is a trend.

I don’t know if you’d call the wearing of many hats good or bad, or even new. My grandfather (one of my greatest heroes) was a carpenter, tool-and-die guy for Holly Carburetor, volunteer firefighter (chief, in fact), farmer, one-time store owner, Deacon, husband, Dad, and grandfather. He also fought in a war and tinkered with tractors. Like I said – one of my heroes.

What hats do I think I wear? Well, I’m first and foremost a believer and disciple of Jesus Christ. I’m also a husband, father, Pastor (and thereby a counselor, public speaker, chaplain, etc.), web designer, blogger and writer. I’m on a few boards and committees and I think I’m a decent cook when I’m in the mood. Oh… pet owner. It’s all good and fun. It mixes together at times. I find purpose in all of it.

My wife is a wife (of course), a Mom, a teacher (by trade), social worker (by education, experience, and credentials), occasional blogger, Sunday School teacher, Awana leader, ladies ministry leader and sometimes speaker, and she’s pregnant. I’m not sure how you label the “pregnant” hat, but it’s quite an important one. She’s also an all-around wonderful person to be around!

What about you? I’d like to get to know you by your hats. What hats do you wear? Don’t worry, you’re not bragging, you’re sharing because I’ve asked (feel free to throw in a link or two also)…

Creative Commons License photo credit: jenny downing