Leadership and Ministry Coaching

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While you’re here, let me ask you a vitally important question about your leadership…

Are you stuck?

I thought being on staff of one of America’s largest and most influential churches would have prepared me well to plant and grow a healthy church from scratch. And it certainly was a great incubator for my leadership development.

I learned a TON by watching one of America’s foremost pastors lead his church to touch every single nation on earth with the gospel while growing a strong, healthy congregation in southern California.

Thirty-five people showed up for our first vision meeting and we were off! And then…

Then I found myself looking at the next six months of our launch timeline and wondering, can I actually DO this?

As we prepared for our big Grand Opening in our local movie theater, I wondered, can I actually DO this?

Through each move, over each hurdle, through buying and remodeling our first building, and now that we’ve moved into a new space and are seeing about 500 people attend each weekend, I’m STILL asking… can I DO this?

Here’s the thing…

Every time I’ve asked myself that big question – can I DO this? – I’ve been able to answer, “YES! Yes I can!”

What’s the source of my confidence?

1. The all-powerful God of the universe and Head of the Church called me, equips me, empowers me to do it. God graciously uses average people, like me, to lead movements.

2. I trusted not only in what I knew about God’s character, but also in what I had experienced. God had a track record of seeing me through each new barrier.

3. I had COACHES that coached me through each and every major decision and season of ministry!

So I believe in coaching! I need someone to talk me through my dreams and my vision, the obstacles and barriers, the answers and solutions, and the next steps necessary to keep leading forward to grow a healthy church!

If you’ve ever felt stuck, intimidated, or inadequate for the giant task of leadership that lies ahead of you – I get it! I’ve been there.

And I want to help!

Check out the video below, then click the button that makes the most sense for you!


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