Brandon CoxOver two decades ago, God put a calling on my life to serve him in ministry and share the good news of the gospel with as many people as possible.

Beyond preaching each week to the awesome people of Grace Hills Church in Bentonville, Arkansas, I’m also passionate about sharing the word through:

  • Daily devotionals via email, my website, and social media – always free to anyone who wishes to receive them.
  • Weekly sermon notes, transcripts, and graphics from the series I’m currently preaching and all archives from the past, again, always free.
  • Blog posts, articles, workshops, and other content to help people live and lead with courage, authenticity, and effectiveness.

If you are blessed by my devotional, preaching, or leadership content and you wish to support and partner with me to carry the cost and continually improve this ministry, feel free to become a patron!

Please note that your contribution is NOT a tax-deductible donation to a church or charity. It is simply a sign of voluntary support of this work.

And thanks so much in advance for praying about becoming a partner!

To donate, one time or on a recurring basis, use the form below:


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