I believe that God wants the very best for his children. His love toward us is benevolent in nature. God is a giver. He is the bestower of good things.

How abundant are the good things that you have stored up for those who fear you.

Psalm 31:19 NIV

We have three problems though:

  • We often misunderstand what is “best” for us.
  • We want the good life now, without waiting.
  • We fail to follow the pathway God has laid down for us.

God knows what is best, and it often doesn’t align with our view of what is best. He gives us growth through suffering and loss. His timing is also better, and many of his best gifts won’t be enjoyed until Jesus comes again and makes everything right.

And God’s pathway to the good life isn’t a straight and comfortable path. It’s the winding, twisting, curving pathway of obedience. And obeying God will often come with a cost in this life.

But rest assured, the being and nature of God is good and he will deliver on all that he has promised to his children. Keep trusting!

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