Social Media is Two Words

Social… media. Media either exists or it doesn’t. Making media social is the trick, isn’t it? We’re on the verge of burning people out on the phrase, but I can’t seem to come up with any great alternatives. Nonetheless, rather than focus on social media as a career, or even as a discipline unto itself, we absolutely must hang on to the underlying principles.

How do you make media social?

Love People

If you don’t care for people, you’re washed up already. If the whole point of social media is getting people to share what they like with one another then making media social requires that we focus on relationships. And here’s a big secret about building relationships: it’s a choice! It’s intentional.

Model Sharing

We talk a lot about the tools of the trade – the software, platforms, and technologies that allow us to share information today. Don’t forget, however, that regardless of the tools, it’s the act of sharing that counts. If you want to make media social, share something important. Model what it’s all about.


I grew up in a small farming community where everyone stopped at the community store on their way home from town and caught up on the local chatter. Today, people are doing that on a variety of online platforms. People are doing what people have always done – conversing, talking, connecting. So join the conversation.

I could go on. People love lists, but here’s the bottom line… do what you’ve always done. Do what culture has always been good at – getting the word around. Just be intentional about it.