WE Are Greater Than ME

We Are Greater Than Me

Jesus Christ came into the world as God’s Son, not only to offer his life on a cross as a ransom for all and then to rise again in victory over sin, death, and the grave, but also to launch a movement that would change the world – the church!

No church is perfect. We have issues to work through, for sure. But the church was Jesus’ idea and when we combine our gifts, we’re a force for tremendous and eternal hope.

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Week One: Church of Misfits

Jesus has been building his church for nearly two thousand years, and he isn’t building it out of the best and brightest, but rather out of the broken. He calls misfits into his family and then commissions us to go change the world.

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Week Two: How to Stick Together When the World Falls Apart

Historically, when the world has fallen apart, the church has come together – to worship, to pray, to show love to hurting people, and to keep spreading the message of hope in Jesus Christ!

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Week Three: We Can Get Bolder Under Pressure

Because of the Holy Spirit within us, we can grow bolder even in the midst of opposition to bring eternal hope and healing to a hurting world.

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