Sermon Series: This Is the Way

Am I a fan of The Mandalorian? Yes! Am I normally one to borrow phrases from pop culture and make them “churchy”? No. But in this case, the phrase “this is the way” definitely has gospel roots.

We’re spending all of 2021 focusing on the gospel and will be concentrating on Jesus’ life for at least five months, through Easter and Pentecost.

This series is based on readings from the Revised Common Lectionary, Year B, but of course I’ve taken mostly the gospel readings and turned them into this six-week series on some snapshots from Jesus’ life.

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Download the Series Graphics…

I also made square graphics for this series (1080 x 1080) for social media usage.

Week One: Baptized Into a Whole New Life

Jesus’ baptism was a public announcement of his ministry as God’s Messiah. When we follow Jesus-which we publicly announce with our baptism, we are entering into a whole new life!

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