Sermon Series: The Time Is Now

One decade is over and another begins. Whatever has been left unfinished in your spiritual growth and character development, NOW is the moment to surge ahead and take hold of the purpose, freedom, and victory God offers.


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Week One: The Time Is Now to Discover God’s Purpose for You

God doesn’t want to leave you lost. He wants to take you somewhere! And right now is the moment, the hour, in which he wants you to wake up if you haven’t already!

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Week Two: The Time Is Now to Move Beyond Shame and Regret

God wants to empower you to move beyond shame and regret to walk in spiritual freedom, and God gives you the step-by-step roadmap.

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Week Three: The Time is Now to Experience Deliverance and Freedom

We who swear allegiance to King Jesus are on the winning side. There is no possibility of defeat for us in this long, spiritual war. But we still fight skirmishes. Temptation. Suffering. Mental and emotional struggles. Rejection. Persecution. Conflict. And eventually, death. But after all of that, resurrection! Victory! Triumph!

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Week Four: The Time is Now to Walk in Freedom

When you break free from spiritual bondage, Satan immediately sets his sights on dragging you back in. In this final message, we’ll talk about how to stay pure, stay clean, and stay free.

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