Sermon Series: What Happens Next?

What Happens Next?

We don’t always know what’s going to happen next with the public health situation, the economy, or even our own individual circumstances. But as Jesus followers, we are well-equipped to view God’s greater plan for history. In this series, we’ll talk about where God is taking history as well as how he is growing us in the “meanwhile” period right now.

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Week One: Does God Have a Plan?

People are curious – does God have a plan in the middle of all of our mess? Absolutely! In fact, everything happening around us was foretold in scripture, as well as what happens at the end of it all.

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Week Two: We’re ALL Going to Get Tested

For the rest of this series, we’re going to walk through the book of James together, one passage at a time because I believe God wants to build and strengthen some things in your life that are going to require time.

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Week Three: Passing the Money Test

God wants to use economic trials to grow both your faith and your generosity.

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Week Four: Is God Really Good?

When we’re going through testing, we’re tempted to ask if God is really good, and James answers affirmatively. God is always, always good. Note: This message was preached by my wife, Angie Cox, our Women’s Pastor. I only have her notes in pdf format.

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Week Five: You Can Win Over Temptation

God’s purpose is to build your faith through testing. Satan’s purpose is to bury you by tempting you to sin. And God always equips you to handle Satan’s temptations.

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Week Six: Doing the Next Right Thing

You can regress or make progress and the difference is the choice to be an action taker. James gets practical and explains that it’s not enough to simply hear the word. We must become doers of the word.

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Week Seven: Liberty and Justice for ALL

The church has a responsibility to eradicate favoritism of every kind, including racism and classism. We’re required to see the image of God and full humanity in every person.

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Week Eight: The Kind of Faith We Need

We need more than a faith that simply speaks the right lingo or feels all the feelz. We need a faith that is authentic enough to actually act.

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Week Nine: Words Can Change the World

The primary way you will influence your world, for better or for worse, is through your words.

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