Sermon Series: Made for More

Sermon Series on Abundant Living

When someone trusts in Jesus for the first time, everything changes. We are sealed with the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit and we get to start living in abundant fruitfulness and blessing, even on our hardest days.


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Week One: The “MORE” You Were Made For

God made you for a life of more. More love. More peace. More hope. More purpose. More of HIM!

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Week Two: You Were Made for More Than the Mess

Life gets messy, and often the messes we find ourselves in are simply the consequences of our choices and actions. Jesus shows us a better way to live!

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Week Three: Made for More Than the Rut

Life is full of meaning when we know God and his purposes for our lives, and when you walk with the Spirit, you’re never in a rut!

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Week Four: Made for More Than Just Scraping By

You were made for more than making money, but for too many of us, that’s what we live our lives for – getting the next paycheck and, hopefully, making the paychecks outpace our economic environment so we can retire well and die comfortable. As long as your affection is for things that are temporary and fleeting, you’ll feel like you’re scraping by. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it will never be enough.

In this message, we unpack the truth that you’ll find contentment when you set your affection and your attention on eternal things.

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Week Five: Made for More Than the Rat Race

You’ll never find the MORE you were made for by trying to BE more, HAVE more, or DO more than everyone else. You’ll only discover God’s MORE for you by inviting his presence into every situation, receiving the peace he offers that passes all understanding, and intentionally choosing the best thoughts.

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Week Six: Made for More Than Doing Life Alone

You’ll never experience ALL that God has for you by yourself. You were always meant to be part of his family. He made you for more than just doing life alone. And that’s why Jesus started this thing we call the church. The church is a family. It’s a household. And you have a place here.

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Week Seven: Made for More Than Living in Defeat

Life is a spiritual war, and too many of us have surrendered to an already defeated enemy. Here’s the truth… You were never meant to live in defeat. You were always destined to win!

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Week Eight: Made for More Than the Here and Now

The pain you’re walking through? It’s temporary. And, there’s always a point to it. God never wastes your pain. He’ll use all of it to shape you into what he wants you to be for your future in eternity.

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