Sermon Series: The CODE – Values to Live By

When we planted Grace Hills nine years ago, we wrote down ten core values. While we’ve made tweaks and edits to the wording, these values have remain pretty much unchanged, but they’ve guided us through every season.

I believe a church’s true core values (not the ones you say you value, but what you really value) serve as guardrails. They keep you on mission. They also communicate to your community what you’re all about.

This series of messages is based on the ten Core Values of Grace Hills Church.

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I also made square graphics for this series (1080 x 1080) for social media usage.

Pre-Series Message: Where Did You Get Those Values?

I took one week to offer a message about the personal values people hold in their own lives to help us see that we derive our values from all kinds of sources, but what matters most is the eternally unchanging Truth of God, found in Jesus Christ and his Word.

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Core Value #1: JESUS FIRST

Jesus is first in everything! We trust his Word as truth, listen to his Holy Spirit, follow his lead, and honor him in all we do.

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We are here for the broken. We do what we do to reach people who are far from God. We get our hands messy in ministry.

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