Sermon Series on the Church – Church. For Good.

People have all kinds of opinions about the church, but the fact is, Jesus started the church, empowers the church, and keeps sending the church to accomplish some pretty great things!

This is a series about the role of the church in the world and in the life of the believer.

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Week One: The Church – Jesus’ Big Idea

Jesus had a bold and audacious idea once. He knew he’d be leaving earth for a while, so he left something behind to do his work while he is gone… he called it the church!

Jesus gave his life for the church and commissioned the church to go show the world his love and share the truth and grace of God for the healing of all nations.

Download the Notes (Word Format)
Download the Notes (PDF Format)

Week Two: What Good Is the Church?

We are good for the world when we love people like the Father loves them, healing and teaching like Jesus healed and taught, while depending on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Download the Notes (Word Format)
Download the Notes (PDF Format)

Week Three: Sent Together

The church is a called out and sent together body of people. In this message, guest speaker and Grace Hills Church Student Pastor, Sean Campbell, issues a challenge to believers to share their faith actively through relationships.

Watch Sean’s message here on Vimeo.

Week Four: Hell Just Can’t Win

It might feel like it right now in your life, or in our culture, or in your circumstances. But Jesus has promised and guaranteed that hell doesn’t stand a chance. That what you’re going through is temporary and in the end, the church wins.

Download the Notes (Word Format)
Download the Notes (PDF Format)

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