Welcome to this week’s roundup of awesome resources for leaders! On a personal note, if you missed the news, our church is buying a building and moving (or at least we’re in the middle of the process of trying very hard to do so). Pray for us!

Featured Resources – Don’t Miss These!

Ray Edwards’ FREE Copywriting Course!

Copywriting might just be one of the most overlooked skills among professionals. It’s honestly changed my life both in ministry and business, and nobody knows the skill better than Ray Edwards, who gets to charge $150,000 to write one page of a sales letter for industry leaders. In this free video course, Ray lays it down!

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The Big Easter Ad Pack

This is an A to Z Facebook ad pack that includes: images, image templates, ad copy/strategy, retargeting ad copy/strategy, budget plan, execution timeline, and an optional upgrade to join an implementation FB group to get more hands-on support from Richy, Andrew, and peers.

Easter Ad Pack

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And speaking of Easter…

Free Course: Rethinking Easter

Ryan Wakefield and Jason Daye are going to teach you how to double your attendance on Easter, but more importantly, how to preserve the fruit of Easter Sunday and retain as many of your guests as possible.

Free Easter Outreach Video Training

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Free Webinar: Reaching the Lost Generation (Millennials)

Jerry Lawson and Richard Chancy, over at 24toDouble, are preparing the most important training they’ve ever done. Next Tuesday and Wednesday they’re going to be talking about how to engage The Lost Generation of Millennials. And as a gift for registering you will receive a 100% FREE sermon series called “Nameless” by Pastor Jerry Lawson – a four part series with notes and presentation slides.

The Lost Generation

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And as always…

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