All around me here in Northwest Arkansas, apartment complexes keep popping up like popcorn. Which makes me wonder…

1.) How can they all keep filling up?

And I know the answer is that about a thousand people move into the I-49 corridor each month and we’re a rapidly growing metro area that happens to be an absolutely awesome place to live.

2.) Do they all HAVE to rent?

Sometimes renting is the best or only option.

When your credit is… recovering.

When you don’t have any cash to spend on buying.

When you’re not going to be somewhere for long.

But I’m also convinced that every renter who is planning on staying in a community for at least two years should shoot their best shot at buying.

It might mean talking to a local banker about an “in-house” loan, or buying a fixer-upper and investing some elbow grease.

In this economy, buying something – anything at all – is (almost) never a bad investment. It’s going to grow in value. It’s going to help you with your taxes. It’s going to give you roots in the community.

If you’re currently renting or ready to buy your first home, I’m here to help.

But take my advice – shoot your shot. Talk to the right people. Ask a lot of questions. And start building wealth as soon as you can by owning something.

Like Mark Twain said, “Buying land is always a good investment. They aren’t making any more of it.”

Photo by Scott Webb via Unsplash.

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