Moving Beyond Shame and Regret, Step 5: Renounce Lies

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Songs of Deliverance

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Christians sometimes talk about “strongholds,” and may have in mind something demonic, an addiction, or a repeating sinful behavior pattern. In reality, a stronghold is simply a lie we believe on repeat.

The source of a stronghold can be demonic. It can be the result of a mental illness. But almost always, it’s a combination involving spiritual, mental, and emotional elements stemming from a moment or multiple moments of trauma or rejection.

In his book, The Spirit of Sonship: An Apostolic Grace, John Kingsley Alley lists four predominant lies that believers sometimes repeat, robbing ourselves of the freedom and victory of our position in Christ.

  1. I am rejected. I don’t belong. I’m not loved, wanted or accepted. No one wants me.
  2. I am useless and therefore worthless. I don’t count. I have nothing to offer.
  3. I will never amount to anything. I can’t do anything well. I’m incompetent. I’m a failure. All I do is fail.
  4. God doesn’t want to speak to me. He’s angry at me. Why would God want to speak to me, a sinner?

There are two ways to wage war against these lies.

First, renounce them. Pray out loud, declaring, “God, I renounce any agreement I’ve made in my mind with this deception. I reject this as a lie and repent of believing it over your Word.”

And second, replace them. King David sang:

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.

~ Psalm 32:7 NIV

In other words, faith in God’s presence will be your shield. He will be your Defender. And he will surround you with truth – the kind you can learn, memorize, sing, and shout out loud in the face of any deception.

Have you been believing one of the lies listed above? Is there one you need to renounce?

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