Seven Reasons Pastors Ought to Get Together

Today I had the privilege of joining in with a local Pastors’ gathering hosted by Christ Church of the Valley and Shepherd of the Hills Church. I led a roundtable discussion on the topic, The Internal Battles of Even the Best Pastors.

Pastors Gathering at the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference, 2011

Pastors Gathering at the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference, 2011

One of the issues we talked about was the huge need for Pastors to minister to one another. We tend to avoid this because we’re busy doing our own thing at our own church. Most Pastors struggle with self-inflicted isolation and we all hurt as a result. There are issues Pastors face that they can’t always explain to a congregation or even their spouse. So we need one another.

I often issue the challenge for Pastors to adopt another Pastor or two and intentionally minister to them. That can be as simple as picking up the phone and calling them once every few weeks and having prayer with them about whatever the might be facing. It’s vital that Pastors meet with one another and lean on each other. Why?

  1. Because even though we speak to crowds on the weekends and make visits and calls all week long, we still tend toward isolation. Yep, we’re a bit dumb and ought to know better, but we spend too much time alone.
  2. Because we can learn from the experiences of others, including the mistakes of others, which is far less costly than making all of our own mistakes. Somebody has been through what you’ve been through.
  3. Because we are more real when we work on a relationship with each other. There’s something less mystical about all the other Pastors out there once you get to know them. We’re all a little insecure, not just you.
  4. Because prayer changes things. It works. It’s an active force. God promised to respond to prayer, so His leaders need to pray with and for one another.
  5. Because the other guy needs it. Does the thought of “opening up” or “reaching out for help” give you a funny feeling? That’s okay, the other guy needs your help, and you’ll need his sooner than you realize.
  6. Because other Pastors will laugh at your jokes when everyone else (even your wife) just rolls their eyes.
  7. Because “iron sharpens iron.” Everybody needs a friend, and who better than other people in the trenches?

Want an opportunity to meet up with other Pastors? Join our meetup group. Our first meeting is this Friday at the Refinery at Saddleback Church at 10:30 a.m. PST but we hope to set up meetups all over the country.

Want me to come and speak to your gathering of leaders and/or Pastors? Drop me a line.