So, what are you reading lately?

It’s a question that comes up a LOT in the worlds in which I walk – both church and business leadership. So I decided to keep one blog post that I would update and refresh with each new book I read and (usually) recommend, along with some brief thoughts on each.

Note: This post is dynamic – I’ll edit it often with new information.

Currently Reading

Finding Favor, by Brian Jones

This one starts off with a cliff-hanger!! Brian gets off a plane, with his family, in a foreign country right in the middle of a coup! You’ve gotta read the rest. I’m a few chapters in and just made this highlight that sums it up well…

I don’t need improvement. I need the hand of God to reach down to me in my distress and knock walls down, open up seas, and shut the mouths of lions. I need total renovation, not a fresh coat of paint. What you and I need is God’s favor.

But It Here

Play the Man, by Mark Batterson

I’m actually using this one as the basis for a men’s weekly gathering. It’s pretty spot on when it comes to trying to live up to biblical manhood in a culture of confusion. Mark writes about seven virtues of manhood: tough love, childlike wonder, will power, raw passion, true grit, clear vision, and moral courage.

He says…

The white noise of cultural confusion coupled with the deafening silence of the church has left us insecure and unsure of our manhood. So we settle for something far less than what God originally intended.

and ultimately expands on this assertion…

When the compass needle of masculinity is spinning, Jesus is true north.

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