Looking for a portable baptistry? Our church met in a movie theater for four years. Others meet in schools or other places where it’s impossible to have a permanent baptism solution in place.

So, there are companies out there who sell “portable baptistries” for lots of money. We bought one once and paid quite a bit for it ($2,500-ish). When it arrived, I noticed that it was really just a repackaged portable hot tub. It had so many large parts we had to borrow a trailer to get it to the theater and it took several people to put it together. So, not-so-portable after all.

When we moved from one movie theater to another, we were able to use the theater’s lobby fountain for baptisms, but only about three times. The management became worried that since the water wasn’t treated, someone might get sick.

So we bought a cattle trough. But because of its low height and bulkiness in a situation where we didn’t have any storage space to spare, we finally went shopping somewhere that seemed the last place to go looking for portable baptistries. Walmart.

And we found this…

Portable Baptistry or Portable Spa

The Price? It retails for $489.99 but can usually be found for less than $400, and usually with FREE Shipping!*

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Yep. It’s actually a portable spa, or portable hot tub, whichever you prefer. Let me tell you several reasons why it’s the best solution for churches looking for a more affordable and even more portable baptistry solution…

  • It’s truly portable. The whole thing fits in a bag, which ships with it.
  • It comes with a built-in-heater that works faster than the one that came with the competitor’s less-portable, more bulky baptistry.
  • It’s very easy to set up. We can get it out, inflate it, hook up all the parts and get it full of water from a hose in 45 minutes.
  • It’s roomy. We sometimes invite parents or other loved ones to participate in baptisms, and there’s room enough for three or four people.
  • It’s affordable. Instead of a $1,500, $2,500, or $4,000 price tag, we got this one for less than $400 on sale and the box it all came in fit in the trunk of my sedan.

To date, we’ve baptized nearly 100 people in this spa portable baptistry. Here’s a video…


Also, it has a drain plug at the bottom, but since we use it indoors, we bought a submersible pump from Tractor Supply that pumps all the water out in an hour or so.

So, my suggestion? Skip the hot tubs marketed as baptistries and get a baptistry marketed as a hot tub.

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