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We sometimes use the term “spiritual awakening” to refer to historical moments in our culture in which a large number of people experienced Spirit-led revival and renewal. Or we use the phrase to describe a single moment of salvation, baptism, or rededication. But then it’s over.

But spiritual awakening can be more than a moment; it can be a lifestyle. And it can be more than a personal, individual experience with God in mystical terms. Spiritual awakening can be a process whereby, over time, we leave behind the old life, the old us, and the old nature and put on the life of Christ instead.

Spiritual awakening is more than a one-time occurrence – it’s a daily lifestyle.

1. Move away from darkness.

Many of us grew up in movements that sought to define darkness in terms of certain practices, but darkness is more intimate than that. We’ve experienced seasons in which we weren’t outwardly doing anything that would be deemed sinful behavior by others, but we knew deep down we were in an unhealthy, unholy place.

This darkness of rebellion is what we must leave behind if we are to experience true awakening. We can’t remain in places of anger, selfishness, and deception if we are going to experience the fullness of God at work in our lives.

  1. Living in reaction to my pain.
  2. Living in protection of myself.
  3. Living in opposition to God.
  4. Living in resentment toward people.
  5. Living in regret over my past.

2. Walk in the light of Christ

  1. Living in light of the cross.
  2. Living in light of the resurrection.
  3. Living in light of grace.
  4. Living in light of my new identity.
  5. Living in light of love.

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