PDC 16 Learning Lab: Planting Healthy, Purpose Driven Churches

Jun 8, 2016 | Church Planting

I’m extremely excited about Purpose Driven Conference 2016 coming up June 28 – 30! It’s the first time in almost a decade that Pastor Rick Warren and Saddleback Church have offered this kind of comprehensive leadership and church health conference and… I get to lead a learning lab on church planting!

The description…

It is possible to start from zero and plant a thriving and multiplying church that is driven by God’s purposes. In this workshop, we’ll discover how churches can begin and mature with a simple structure and a scalable process for making disciples.

For one hour, we’ll talk about launching a church strong and healthy with a structure that is simple and scalable and a process for making disciples that enables the church to grow long term and multiply. My lab will take place on Thursday at 3:45 in Plaza Room 202.

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