How Pastors and Ministry Leaders Can Earn Extra Income Online With Integrity

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How Pastors Can Earn Extra Income Online With Integrity

Brandon CoxWould you like to earn some extra income without compromising your ethics and values?

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Here’s the truth… most pastors are strapped!

Many pastors have the idea that they can’t talk about money, think about money, or do anything to try to earn more money or they’ll lose credibility with the people they’re leading.

But the fact is, the internet has opened some great opportunities for you to learn valuable digital marketing skills (blogging, social media, etc.) that will help your church and help you earn extra income online at the same time.

So here’s what I propose, and I’ll expand on this over the next few days…

  • You should NOT start a business that requires you to sell stuff to church members or recruit members into any system.
  • You should NOT compromise any of your values when it comes to getting involved in digital marketing. (Here are my 10 core values for online business.)
  • You should NOT allow money to become your god. Your security and your significance come from Christ alone, not your net worth!
  • You should NOT be afraid of success!

But back to our initial question… is it possible for pastors to earn extra income online?

Yep. It is.

Just fill out the form below and I’ll send you emails over the next five days explaining how to start earning an extra income, passively, online!