Pardon Me, But Your Church Is Too Slow


SnailsWhat did the snail say when riding on the back of the turtle? “Weeeeee!!”

Cheesy jokes aside, the average Baptist Church resembles the snail in the story. Even when we think we’re speeding along, we usually aren’t keeping pace with the rate of change around us.

Truth never changes and God never changes, but God is constantly changing the way He reveals His truth to humankind. So His character is immutable, but His communication style varies from age to age. There is a leadership lesson I’ve learned the hard way: I am way too slow to keep up with the Holy Spirit.

Making decisions recklessly can be dangerous, but that’s usually not our problem, especially when it comes to adapting the delivery method of our timeless gospel to a rapidly changing culture. Most leaders and most churches probably need to speed up. But how?

  • Eliminate unnecessary layers so that decisions can be made at the lowest possible level. This not only gets more done, it empowers people for leadership.
  • Stop voting on everything. Need an example of how parliamentary procedure slows organizations down? Look to the United States government. If more than five voices are present, you have a bottleneck.
  • Lose the fear of failure. Failure is an inevitable step toward success.
  • Pay attention to cultural trends. Understand your times. Don’t wake up ten years behind.

It’s a short list so far, but I’m in a hurry. What else?