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Hi, I’m Brandon

I help leaders and organizations expand their influence through creative communication and marketing strategies.

As a pastor for twenty-five years, I learned first-hand the power of the written and spoken word, especially when crafted with care and intentionality. 

As a veteran website designer, copywriter, and email marketing strategist, I get fired up helping leaders find smart, creative ways to expand their reach.

And as the author of a book on the subject, I believe technology gives us tools to make meaningful connections and change the world for the better.

Have a project in mind? An idea you’re developing? A business you’re growing? A church or nonprofit you’re dreaming about?

My Latest Writings and Blog Posts

4 American Cultural Issues Contributing to Church Leader Burnout

In our modern era, particularly in America (and perhaps the West as a whole), leaders are burning out at an increasing and alarming rate. There are many factors leading to this trend, but at the forefront are certain cultural issues that have affected the way we do church and church leadership. There are four issues, in particular, that have invaded our thinking in toxic ways.

4 Attitudes You Can Choose Today

4 Attitudes You Can Choose Today

We don’t choose our circumstances. We don’t choose the weather, the direction of the economy, what people around us will do, or the direction of world events. But we do get to choose our attitudes.

When Church Growth Is the Drug of Choice

I know, as a Pastor who has trudged through the valley of burnout, that church growth can be a powerful drug for a church leader. The temporary “high” of a well-attended event, a high-attendance Sunday, an influx of new members or baptisms, etc. can have a numbing effect that keeps us distracted from the brokenness deep within us that needs to be addressed.

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