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You Choose What Stories You Rehearse

You don’t always get to choose what happens to you. But you do get to choose 1.) what you focus on, and 2.) what story assign to what you’re focusing on. So focus on eternal truth. Focus on Christ and his love. Focus on people. And repeat biblical stories about yourself, about God, and about others, about your past and about your future.

You Choose What You Focus On

You only have a limited amount of mental energy and focus. Spend it on the things that make you more like Jesus, healthier in your relationships, and closer to God. 

Jesus Sees Your Value, Even When You Don’t

Jesus ties our need to live worry-free to our value before God. Because you are much more valuable than any bird, which God cares for out of his goodness and love, he will definitely take care of you. 

The Underestimated, Secret Power of Humility

I believe that one of the most powerful things you can do each and every day, as well as in those moments of emotional crisis, is to abandon self, slip off the throne of your life, and humble yourself before the throne of God. Give him absolute authority over you and trust him to determine if and when you’ll rise to greatness, and he will, in due time. 

God’s Word for Women: Rise Up!

Jesus’ tendency was always to find ways to empower women to rise up and speak up, even when surrounded by a culture that would assign them a less influential place in the order of things.

How Jesus Gives Us Confidence

Find yourself in a relationship with Christ and you’ll know peace with God, peace with yourself, and peace with your world. There are plenty of counterfeit sources of false confidence, but connecting with your Creator and his purposes for you is where real confidence and peace come from.

Jesus Knows When He’s Been Touched

There are moments when we, in our desperation, reach out for the heart of Jesus. We cry out from our pain, from our disappointment, our discouragement, and our despair and we touch Jesus without our words and with the cries of our heart. And we often wonder, does God hear me? Does he care? Yes. Yes he does.

How to Live a Fruitful, Meaningful Life

When I’m living my way, the fruit is sin and death and destruction. When I’m living God’s way, the fruit is good and life-giving, both to me and to those around me. When I’m living under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, I’m loving, joy-filled, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled. And now, more than ever, the world around us is looking for this kind of people.

A Psalm for the Dark Days of Depression

The day is coming. That glorious day when you redemption is complete by the return of the good King Jesus. Your life always, always matters. Every time you breathe another breath, your very life shows the world something about your Creator.

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