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How Worship Changes You From the Inside Out

God has far greater blessings planned for you in eternity than you're ready for yet, and one of his primary means of maturing and growing us to be ready is the time we spend with him in personal worship. Isaiah's story (in chapter 6 of the book by his name) tells us...

The ONE Thing That Changes Everything

I mentioned in a post about How to Plan a Daily Quiet Time with God that I had read Hal Elrod's book, Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8 am). Hal makes a bold claim - that you can absolutely change your life by...

How to Plan a Daily Quiet Time with God

I'm convinced that the one thing that will change everything about your life for the positive is establishing a daily quiet time with God. Your health will improve if you exercise daily. Your finances will improve if you manage your budget daily. And in the same way,...

Announcing: The Digital Leadership Lab

All around me, I see leaders - pastors, business owners, industry leaders - who are on an important mission to get their message out, but who don't know exactly how to lead to their full potential in this rapidly changing, digital age. Next year, I'm going to be...