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The Positive Side of Leading Under Pressure

As I write this, we're three days from our church's big Grand Opening at our new location. Our church is seven years old. We've met in an office, a hotel, a college campus, two movie theaters, and for the last three years, a leased location. Almost a year ago, we...

The Most Rewarding Hard Work You’ll Ever Do

Hard work is virtuous. And when it comes to hard work, we seem to go to two extremes in our culture... We look for a way out of it - Like, how do I get rich, quickly, with very little training, no learning curve, and in as few hours as possible? We let it become an...

How Can a Blog Actually Make Money While Making a Difference?

Is it really possible? I mean... really? That's usually how the question is worded when I'm in a conversation with someone about this whole blogging side gig thing. Even when people start to believe I actually earn income from blogging, they usually have some commonly...

What to Do When Everything Around You is Falling Apart

Sometimes, everything around you seems to be falling apart. The markets are down and retirement looks bleak... You can't seem to communicate with your spouse... Recent news from the doctor has you shaken... Most people do one of two things in these scenarios. Option...

7 Big Tips for Funding Your Ministry Vision This Year

What's the ONE subject almost no church leader enjoys talking about? Yep. Money. Talking about money feels icky. Asking for money makes us feel like we're begging. So we tiptoe. We skirt around the issue, assuming that taking a softer and more silent approach will...

How Worship Changes You From the Inside Out

God has far greater blessings planned for you in eternity than you're ready for yet, and one of his primary means of maturing and growing us to be ready is the time we spend with him in personal worship. Isaiah's story (in chapter 6 of the book by his name) tells us...